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Bluebird in the Garden
  • Bluebird in the Garden

    I like backyard wildlife because I think its cool that people can appreciate nature anywhere.  I often look for a photo opportunity that shows wildlife living in harmony with humans.  Man and nature are not separate, but are connected after all.  When I moved to my house outside of town, I enjoyed seeing Bluebirds and Meadowlarks in the field in front of my house.  I put a Bluebird house on the fence on the edge of my yard so I could see them better.  For several years, I didn't get a nest.  I figured that the box was too close to my house, and they preferred the open field.  One Spring, a Mountain Bluebird family finally nested in my Bluebird box.  I was able to set up my camera and telephoto lens on a tripod in my bedroom and photograph them as they went about their business.  It was really fun having them at my house.  They seemed to get to know me and knew that I belonged there and wasn't going to harm them.  One afternoon,  I heard the Bluebirds chirping in an alarmed way.  I looked out and saw that some barn swallows were trying to take over the nest.  I ran out to the nest and waved off the Swallows.  Its strange, but I think that the Bluebirds were actually calling me, hoping I would protect them.  Hmmmm.  I don't know for sure, but I think they were.  Pretty smart!

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