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About the Prints

Above is an installation of a 36 by 54 inch Metal Print of "Moose Crossing" in Bozeman, Montana

Metal Prints

Metal prints are printed on coated Aluminum.  The ink is heat infused into the coating creating a museum quality, fine art print with exceptional detail, color, and luminescence.  These prints create a truly stunning display that looks three dimentional.  Sometimes people say that the prints look like they are illuminated from within.

Metal prints 16 by 24 inches and larger come with an inset metal frame that allows the photograph to float 3/4 inch off the wall.  Both a wire and french cleat hanging system are included.


Metal prints 16 by 20 inch and smaller come with a float mount hanging system.  The float mount allows the photograph to float 1/2 inch off the wall and has a sawtooth hanger.


Paper Prints

Paper prints are printed on Kodak Endura photo emulsion paper via the Lightjet process.  This process uses digital laser light to expose the image onto the paper,  rendering a print that has excellent sharpness, color, luminescence, and longevity.

Guaranteed Quality

With thousands of happy collectors all over the United States, I believe you will love your print.  I take  great pride in both the beauty of my fine art photography and my  exceptional customer service.  If are any problems or concerns, contact me immediately so I can work with you to make it right.  Due to freight company requirements, please inspect your package within 48 hours of delivery.  In the  very rare case of damage,  just send me a picture and I will get to work on a replacement.

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