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Leaf Ice Nature Photography by Scott Wheeler

Cottonwood Leaf on Ice

On a Winter day, I was walking along Montana's Big Hole River and became fascinated with the patterns that had formed in the ice.  In this spot the ice was blue due to it being thinner than other areas of the river.  I liked this image because of the complimentary colors of the leaf and ice.  Nikon 35mm.  Fuji Velvia film.


    Metal prints use a special new process where ink is infused into a coating on glossy aluminum.  This creates a luxury print with three dimentional depth and luminance. These prints are fade resistant, water resistant and have amazing detail.  Metal prints come with a flush mount metal frame with a silver color.  Larger sizes and other framing options are available.  Please contact me for a quote.  These prints can be made up to 96 inches in the long dimension.


    Paper prints are printed on Kodak paper.


    Production time is 2 to 4 weeks.


    Free shipping via FedEx Ground to lower 48 United States.

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